We Create world class branded environments and destinations that delight people.


Way back in the 90s, when retail design was no more than "how to snazz-up your show windows" R D AND M set up shop with a whole new perspective. A 360º view of the retail landscape.

For the first time, here was a design team looking at things from more than one viewpoint. Access, approach, convenience, signage, product visibility, displays, stocking and how the brand harmonized with the visual canvas.

R D AND M got daring with color, adventurous with new materials and creative with lighting. We worked around the psychology of colors, moods, textures and surface finishes, to showcase a brand by building around its unique visual properties and cues.

In 2004, we added a new dimension to our design palette. Architecture. This was a strategic move because it gave us the capability to deliver total solutions within a client's project brief.

If you look at the topography of R D AND M, we are an experienced team of Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Project Managers. Our Design-Build spectrum includes projects in Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Retail and Office environments.

High on the list of "Client Satisfaction Points" are aspects such as the multiplicity and flexibility of services, a consistent level of project management and delivery, stringent quality control and a close mapping of project time-lines.

In the final analysis, what makes R D AND M versatile is our ability to work across the permutations of medium-to-large projects and staying within closely monitored budgets.

Architecture & Interiors

R D AND M Architectural Services Division was set up in 2004 and has grown to be a full service consultancy. The core team here has the breadth of experience to handle medium-to-large projects and has strong forward and backward linkages with the building and construction industry, equipment suppliers, vendors and contractors for ancillary project support.

Primary project focus

  • Medium-to-large Residential Projects
  • Landmark addresses for Corporate Houses / Corporate Estates
  • Business / Research / Technology Parks
  • Malls / Exclusive Retail Environments
  • Hospitality / Medicare Environments
  • Multi-industry Trade Fair Facilities
  • Theme Parks / Recreation Environments
  • Township Planning
  • Residential Project

Scope of project services

  • Concept Evaluation, Feasibility Studies, Master Planning
  • Assessments of built-up areas and As-built Drawings
  • Preliminary Design Response / Prototype Presentations
  • Project Overviews / Scheduling / Resource Studies
  • Conceptual Development Presentations
  • Documentation for Construction Administration / Followthrough
  • Turnkey Project Management & Commissioning
  • Facility Management Planning and Soft-runs
  • Permissions / Sanctions / Approvals from Local Authorities
  • Sourcing / Hiring / Management of Project Support Services
  • Overall Construction Management & Administration