The Company

The first and foremost multiskilled team creating branded environments in partnership with their clients. Our efforts are focused to help design and create successful business.

A multiskilled innovative company of people that creates an array of branded environments in partnership with the clients

Way back in the 90's, when retail design was no more than "how to snazz-up your show windows" R D AND M set up shop with a whole new perspective. A 360º view of the retail landscape.

For the first time, here was a design team looking at things from more than one viewpoint. Access, approach, convenience, signage, product visibility, displays, stocking and how the brand harmonized with the visual canvas.

R D AND M got daring with color, adventurous with new materials and creative with lighting. We worked around the psychology of colors, moods, textures and surface finishes, to showcase a brand by building around its unique visual properties and cues.

If you look at the topography of R D AND M, we are an experienced team of Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Project Managers. Our Design-Build spectrum includes projects in Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Retail and Office environments.

High on the list of "Client Satisfaction Points" are aspects such as the multiplicity and flexibility of services, a consistent level of project management and delivery, stringent quality control and a close mapping of project time-lines.

In the final analysis, what makes R D AND M versatile is our ability to work across the permutations of medium-to-large projects and staying within closely monitored budgets.