Awards and Honors

Telecom'96 Mumbai - January 1996
First prize for stall design and merchandising units
Client : Philips Consumer Electronics - Fax & Phones.

India International Trade Fair, New Delhi - November 1994
Gold medal for the Exhibit Design and Product Presentation
Prize awarded in the Good Living category
Client : Philips.

International Display Competition 1993
Awarded by VM & SD - Visual Merchandising & Store Design
Publication, Ohio, USA.

Best Display Awards From Saks, Fifth Avenue, San Diego,
CA, USA (1987 - 88).
Awarded to Junior Accessories and Corporate Men's Accessory Displays.

Letter of Commendation
From Martin Pegler, SVM for P.O.P. in-store and shadow
box displays.
Client : Titan Watches.

Retail Design project featured in Martin Pegler's text book on Visual Merchandising and Store Display.

RD&M's project featured in "Retail Design and Visual Presentation" New York, NY - January 2006